Dispose of Extra Garbage

City Hall has yellow garbage bags for sale for the times that you have extra garbage that won't fit into your garbage can. These bags cost $1.00 each and can be purchased individually or in packages of ten.

Please do not place in your garbage can or the yellow bags the following items:

  • dirt
  • concrete
  • building materials
  • large carpet rolls
  • hazardous or toxic waste
  • unwrapped animal waste
  • large items such as furniture
  • water heaters
  • yard waste
  • fluorescent lights
  • CFLS or tube lights
  • paint

The Butler County Solid Waste Commission is available for all Butler county residents to dispose of the items that are not allowed in your normal trash pick-up. Please contact them at 319-267-2070 or visit their website at www.werecycle.net.

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