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"Please understand that the Governor’s proclamation reads MAY reopen, not MUST, leaving reopening decisions to municipalities."- State Library of Iowa

Kothe Memorial Library understands that reopening and being able to visit the library is important to our patrons. However to be able to follow the guidelines we need to be able to provide adequate sanitation and disinfection at time when those items are challenging to acquire. Safety measures also need to be put in place to be proactive and responsible.

At this time we will CONTINUE to do curbside pick up Monday-Friday 10am-2:30pm for the safety of our patrons and staff.

Access the library with Your Library Card anytime, anywhere!

Keep placing holds/reserves online with your library card, via phone and email. Thank you! #BooksConnectUs

Look for selections on kothe.biblionix.com/catalog/

*After notification the requested materials are ready for pick up

items will be bagged and labeled by name in the yellow crate at the front door.*

Libraries = Strong Communities

Access the library with Your Library Card anytime, anywhere!

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