At Kothe Memorial Library everyone can enjoy new fiction or nonfiction books in different formats, a variety of magazines, new DVDs and research and learn about a new topic. If the material is not on site we use the State of Iowa Libraries Online (SILO) to obtain it for you at no cost. Our library staff strives to support lifelong reading and learning.

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 “Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life”- Mortimer J. Adler

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March 3, 1943

Bethnal Green, London’s East EndShortly after a quarter past eight, a siren split the air. Marian Williams lifted her sleeping daughter from her bed and darted down the stairs. Her mother and father-in-law, off on air warden duty, had left the front door unlocked.She hugged her youngest child close. The blackout made the going difficult, but her husband’s instructions echoed in her brain: “Whatever you do, get down inside the station fast as you can.”She hoped for a spot near the canteen, with access to milk. Uneven light shone over the paved steps. Then she tripped. Her knee hit the concrete, then something bashed her left side. Someone cried out. Another blow scraped her arm on the landing floor. Where was her baby? She attempted to get up, but an even heavier weight slammed her face down. A crushing burden descended, then all went black.Riding in the backs of Army trucks across North Africa, throughout the Sicily campaign, up the boot of Italy, and northward through France into Germany, Dorothy Woebbeking served as a surgical nurse with the 11th Evacuation Hospital.During World War II, US Army nurses worked and slept in tents through horrific weather, endured enemy fire, and even the disdain of their own superior officers, who believed women had no place in war. But Dorothy and her comrades persevered, and their skills and upbeat attitude made a huge difference in the lives of thousands of wounded soldiers.Dorothy and Marian’s stories converge on a simple, hand stitched handkerchief.

Congratulations Mckinley for reading 1,000 books over the summer!

Congratulations McKinley for reading 1,000 books over the summer!

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