Economic Development

Photo of Parkersburg Economic Development DealParkersburg Economic Development exists to promote business growth in Parkersburg. Whether you are looking to start a business or expand your current one, Parkersburg is a great place to grow. We offer a steady labor force, strong work ethic and a growing population.

PED Parkersburg Economic Development (PED) is a non-profit development corporation. PED works to assist both existing and new business and recruits additional industry and business to the community. PED also seeks to stimulate additional housing developments, as well as community development projects for the residents of Parkersburg. Revolving Loan Funds are available for start-up businesses and expansion projects.

In addition we offer technical help, as well as acting as a liason between you, the business owner, and county, state and federal resources.

To contact Parkersburg Economic Development please call 319-346-1023 or email

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