City Council & Boards

City Council

The Parkersburg City Council is comprised of five (5) City Council members. Members are elected to four (4) year terms. The City Council appoints the City Attorney, City Clerk/Administrator and Deputy City Clerk. It also approves the mayoral appointments to the Library Board of Trustees, Planning and Zoning Commission, Zoning Board of Adjustment, and also the appointment of Police Chief.

City Council meetings are held the first Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Parkersburg Civic Center, located at 502 3rd Street. Special meetings are held as needed.

Mayor & City Council

Photo of Mayor Perry Bernard
Perry Bernard Mayor
Photo of Councilman Leon Thorne
Leon Thorne Mayor Pro Tem
Featured Image
Klint Knock Councilman
Parkersburg Councilman Dan Bruns
Dan Bruns Councilman
Parkersburg Councilman Harlan Schuck
Harlan Schuck Councilman
Photo of Councilman Mike Timmer
Mike Timmer Councilman

City Administration

Parkersburg City Administrator Chris Luhring
Chris Luhring City Administrator / Clerk
Photo of Deputy City Clerk Aimee Allan
Aimee Allan Deputy City Clerk
Photo of PED Director Tim Cuvelier
Tim Cuvelier Economic Development Director