The communities of Parkersburg and Aplington came together to form the Aplington-Parkersburg Community School District, which supports two grade schools, a middle school and high school. We have fostered a tradition of academic and athletic excellence over the years and invite you to visit the school district website for more information. A number of Parkersburg area children attend the Timothy Christian School in Wellsburg. 

Dollars for Scholars

This organization is affliated with the National CSFA (Citizens Scholarship Foundation of America). Parkersburg chartered in 1983 and was joined with Aplington in 1993. In 1983 we gave $1,500 in scholarships and in 2012 we gave $76,850, which included $35,000 going to post graduates. We have several fundraisers during the year, but mostly our funds come from donations and our Endowment Funds. We are "hands-up", not a "hand-out" organization. For further information, contact Cathy Clark at 319-269-8925.